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Property Cleanout

Full Service Cleanout

We stand out from the competition thanks to the exceptional customer support and knowledgeable staff that support our five-star customer service. When you hire our team to clean out an estate, you can rest easy knowing that everything will go according to plan.

It can be overwhelming to think about sorting through a lifetime's worth of personal belongings. We understand that sorting through the belongings of a loved one can take some time and that you may not want to part with everything.    Follow these moves toward assist with making your home cleanout and association somewhat more straightforward:

Take on each room individually. The task can seem to go on forever when you move from one room to another. Use your time wisely and divide the house up into sections. 
Sort things into piles; things to keep, things to donate, and things to get rid of. Taking into consideration the condition of the items, move gently used items to the donation pile and everything else to the junk pile. Most household items will be accepted.

Reorganize items you want to keep. Sort the things you are keeping by type and reorganize them. As you move things to their new location, labeled boxes or storage bins are a great way to keep things clean and organized. 
Take into consideration the larger furniture and appliances. Old furniture and appliances can be donated. Allow Junk-n-Trash to acquire them for you.

Call Junk-n-Trash to get rid of your junk and donations. We'll give a free gauge to your home cleanout prior to starting any work so you can be guaranteed of a tranquil encounter!

You can rest assured that the job is done and your loved one's possessions will be given new life after we have removed everything you no longer desire. Junk-n-Trash we offer professional service at unbeatable prices. You will always receive great service and a low price guarantee. We proudly service DC, MD & VA. Our friendly professionals take pride in arriving on time, and focus on providing the best solutions to your junk removal needs. Request your free instant quote today.

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