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Cleanout and junk removal Junk-n-Trash is your stress-free option for everything you need to clean out and clean up your basement. Don't try to climb the basement stairs or navigate the narrow hallways by yourself if you have heavy furniture, shaky exercise equipment, dated appliances, televisions, or any other underground treasure. Instead, simply call the Junk-n-Trash for assistance! Amazing customer service will "wow" you from our neat, friendly staff.

How to clear out your basement. If you can no longer manage the clutter in your basement or just want to make it a livable space, it is time to get organized and get rid of those old yearbooks, clothes, and exercise equipment that you haven't used in a long time. Although the task may appear difficult, with our assistance, you will be able to complete it quickly. To simplify your basement cleanout, follow these steps:

Work through each section separately. The process of moving from one location to another can seem to go on forever. Take your time and work your way through your basement in sections. Sort things into piles; things to give away, things to keep, and junk. It's time to get rid of the item if you haven't used it in over a year. Take into account the condition, and move anything that is still in use to the donation pile and everything else to the trash pile. Reorganize items you want to keep. Sort the things you are keeping by type and reorganize them. Marked capacity canisters are an extraordinary method for keeping things perfect and open for sometime in the future.

To get rid of your junk and donations, call Junk-n-Trash. Before starting any work, we'll give you a free estimate so you won't have to worry about any surprises! You can begin to take pleasure in your basement that is clutter-free and clean once we have removed all of the items you no longer want!

Why Should You Purge With Junk-n-Trash?
Our expertly trained junk removal teams at Junk-n-Trash are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to handle even the most difficult basement cleanouts. We'll sort, eliminate, burden, pull, and appropriately discard or give every single thing jumbling up your storm cellar to leave you feeling 100 percent peaceful!

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Arlington, VA

Property Cleanout

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Arlington, VA

At Junk-n-Trash we offer professional property cleanout service at unbeatable prices. You will always receive great service and a low price guarantee. We proudly service DC, MD & VA. Our friendly professionals take pride in arriving on time, and focus on providing the best solutions to your junk removal needs. Request your free instant quote today.

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