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Our Core Values

At Junk-n-Trash, we believe business is about more than just an exchange of services and money. We believe business can be conducted based on principles and good corporate citizenship. We attempt to be involved and invest in our community.
We support charities that we feel make a difference. We operate with extreme respect for our environment and in a responsible manner.
We recycle whenever possible and are always looking at ways to prevent material from going to a landfill. We treat our customers, suppliers and employees the same way we would like to be treated.

Removal Service

We load, haul, and dispose of your junk while offering the best junk removal rates and service around. Rates are based on volume of items and not the amount of truck space the items removed uses. Our rates include ALL disposal fees, and fuel surcharges. Our minimum removal rate is one of the lowest in the industry.
Our friendly junk removal professionals take pride in arriving on time, and focus on providing solutions to your junk, trash, or debris problems.
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